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On the slopes of MOMTE AMIATA,

in the little town of Arcidosso,

you can find our agro-biological farm.


It’s a family run company

with the principal goal of cultivating biological products of excellence that made the history of MONTE AMIATA

and Tuscany’s agricultural life.


Loved by many for its history and for unique natural landscapes, encloses in its hinterland two provinces, those of Grosseto and Siena. There stands proudly a Mountain, at the beginning of the Tosco Emiliano Apennines. The Monte Amiata is an ancient volcano that stopped modifying its territory with its lava 700.000 years ago. Time transformed its nature in very rich and fertile lands, with many water sources and uncontaminated forests, making it still today one of the biggest beech forests of Europe. And it’s in this context that our agro-biological company Admeata started. Admeata is the latin origin of the word Amiata (“ad meata”, meaning “at the sources”). This mountain gives us some of the most exquisite food products, like the Extra-virgin olive oil and chestnuts; these are the fruits of the two trees that represent the Amiata landscape at its best.


Many other native products are waiting to be rediscovered and revalorized so to get into the agri-food market, like our local hop that was already anciently used by monks in the production of beer and that is still spread along our woods and watercourses. Our cultivations are neither treated with pesticides nor with industrial products and are biologically certified.


We are sure life is a gift, and we feel lucky and grateful to be able to enjoy this gift in one of the most beautiful and picturesque spots of the world, a homeland for many artists and characters that made the history of Italy, and a today’s worldwide example for culinary excellence, capable of safeguarding an ancient and peasant lifestyle.

We all dream of Tuscany, and you?

Come to visit us and to taste our products, you won’t regret it!

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Az. Agri-biologica ADMEATA di Jean Claude Zacchini   Loc Piane, 60 - Arcidosso (GR)   -  TUSCANY - ITALY     phone +39 320.4061436  email. jzacchini@admeata.it   P.IVA 01580060539