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The Olivastra of Seggiano is an autochthonous botanical species of the Monte Amiata territory. This cultivar is particularly present in the Grosseto province at a height between 200 and 650 meters above the sea level, and especially concentrated around the little town of Seggiano.


The Olivastra is characterized by a wide crown, moderately thick, and stands out for its restrained dimensions and the color of the olives, reddish-violet during the period of growth and black once the maturation is complete. The Olivastra is more premature compared to other olive species of Italy, because of the altitude above the sea, but starts being productive only after 15 years from the moment of plantation.


The plant is also particularly resistant to its mountainous environment, standing the low temperatures of the Amiata winters. If neglected this trees tend to become wild, being in fact this cultivar a descendant of the Olea Europea Silvestris, a post-wild form of cultivated olive tree. Because of the particularity of the natural environment, the attempts to implant this cultivar abroad have not been successful.


Scheda Tecnica

Qualità organolettiche:


 Acidità totale: 0,24

 Perossidi: 8,4;

 K232: 1,76;

 K270: 0,12;


Acidi Grassi valori medi per 100 ml

- Grassi 95,97 g

- Saturi 15,48 g

- polinsaturi 7,68 g

- monoinsaturi 72,81 g 


 Tocoferoli totali: 237 ppm;

Altezza s.l.m: 600


Età media piante:  per il 50% centenarie e 50% decennali

Tipo di potatura pianta: vaso policonico semplificato


Varietà olive: olivastra di Seggiano


Periodo di raccolta: ottobre/ novembre/ dicembre


Metodo di raccolta: manuale con agevolatori


Spremitura: a freddo


Fruttato: Medio

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